Waffle Game

Waffle is a Wordle style puzzle game for waffle lovers. The player's task is to find six correct words using no more than 15 permutations. All letters are already located on the playing field in the form of a waffle. You have to move the letters to other places to get valid 5-letter words. Color hints will help you figure out which letters to move to which places.

How to play Waffle?


Your screen has a grid filled with letters. The letters are green, yellow and gray. You can swap the letters to get only the green one. All letters form six words - three vertically and three horizontally.

waffle game

Look at the color hints to start playing. Green means that the letters are already in place and can't be moved.

waffle game

Yellow color - these letters are used in this word, but should be placed in other places. Be careful with letters at the intersection of two words. They can be used in both vertical and horizontal words.


Gray tiles mean that the letters in this row are not used, so it is best to place them in another word.

waffle game

You have 15 moves to correctly place the letters on the waffle field.

Did you like Waffle Game?

Waffle is a word search game similar to a crossword puzzle. Everyone will find this game simple and entertaining, so it is perfect both for fun with friends and for teaching children from 6 years old. The Waffle was so named because the grid in the game resembles a waffle. Waffle is similar to Wordle, but with some differences. In this game, you need to find six words (not one), but all the letters are already in the grid. Your task is only to place them in the right places. Like Wordle, a new Waffle is available every 24 hours.